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Harvesting Hope To End Hunger

Welcome To HarvestBox Farms

Welcome to HarvestBox Farms, where our commitment to "Harvesting Hope To End Hunger" drives every seed we plant and every community initiative we support.

At the heart of our operations are three cornerstone programs designed to utilize sustainable agriculture as a force for social good.

Each program is tailored to address crucial aspects of our mission: enhancing the environment, empowering veterans, and enriching our community.

The HarvestBox Farms Vision

At HarvestBox Farms, our vision is to end hunger rooted in every plant we grow and every life we touch.

We believe in the power of sustainable agriculture to create meaningful change in our communities and the world.

Our mission is simple yet profound: "Harvesting Hope To End Hunger."

This commitment drives our innovative approach to farming and community support, ensuring that we not only grow food but also foster hope and resilience.

The Hope Of HarvestBox Farms

Here at HarvestBox Farms, our approach is grounded in the principles of sustainability, community, and innovation.

By utilizing cutting-edge aquaponic farming techniques within uniquely designed shipping containers, we cultivate an array of nutritious, chemical-free produce all year round.

This method not only maximizes our growing efficiency but also minimizes our environmental impact, reflecting our dedication to a healthier planet.

Empowering Communities Through Agriculture

Our vision extends beyond agriculture; it's about empowering people. HarvestBox Farms is proud to operate primarily with the help of military veterans, providing them with employment, training, and a sense of community.

By integrating veterans into our operations, we support their transition to civilian life while leveraging their skills to fight against local hunger and homelessness.

Nourishing the Hungry with Every Harvest

At the core of our operations is our commitment to feed those in need. Each harvest reaches beyond our farm gates to nourish the residents of Permanent Party Homes Villages and support local soup kitchens called Harvest Soup And Salad Cafe.

Our Community Support and Outreach Program ensures that surplus produce is distributed to those who need it most, directly addressing local food insecurity and fostering a spirit of communal care.

Join Us in Cultivating Change

At HarvestBox Farms, every seed planted is a step toward ending hunger.

We invite you to join us in this crucial mission.

Whether you are a consumer, a veteran, or a community supporter, your involvement helps us grow and spread hope. Together, we can transform the landscape of local food systems and make hunger a thing of the past.

Explore our site to learn more about how we're growing goodness and nurturing heroes at HarvestBox Farms—where agriculture meets innovation and compassion.



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